The Owners

Sándor Somlai

Marso CEO

in total charge of the management of the organization, decision maker, leader and owner


József Márkus

foreign trade director

responsible for execution of the import and export policies of Marso, decision maker and owner


Péter Berecz

technical director

technical direction on business decision making, leader of investment projects and owner


Ottó Poroszka


responsible for financial planning, managing financial risks, overseeing technology, development and owner



Established in 1990. MARSO exports to more than 50 countries across all five continents, in all the major markets. 25 service outlets, 80+ Marso Partners, 60+ PEX Partners across Hungary, 10 outlets in Romania, 1 in Serbia. Exclusive dealer of Nokian, Matador, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Riken, Taurus, Viking, BKT tyres, and KRKZ wheels. 2 time Superbrands member, ISO 9001 certified.


8.500 m2 warehouse (10.000 m2 in total in Hungary), equipped with 5 truck loading docks and semi-automated WMS, 15 regional logistics base with 24h shipping ensures great product range of tyres and wheels. In Romania there are 10 regional logistics bases, 4.500 m2 warehouse capacity. 24-48h courier transportation in neighboring countries on competitive price. Great market coverage with massive dealer network.


MARSO is continuously expanding its product range. With a state of the art truck retreading factory, and new service outlets to feed the ever-growing demand of its worldwide customers. While celebrating the 25th. anniversary of MARSO, we continiously trying to set the benchmark across every tyre-related services, while leading a global strategy to drive sustainable, profitable growth.

Marso Hungary














MarsoPont network

MarsoPont, our B2C franchise network consists of 25 service outlets in almost every major city in Hungary. Equipped with state of the art tyre and automotive service machinery and offering favorable loyality program for its customers.


Marso Partner network

Marso Partner Network, our B2B dealer network numerates more than 80 tyre wholesalers. Together with Continental and a third party, MARSO co-founded the Pneus Expert Network dealing with Barum tyres.


Online webshop

Need a special quote on our products? Want access to see our product selection, availability, special pricing and regular discounts? Have a question about logistics and shipping rates? Or prehaps thinking of becoming a Marso dealer? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Let’s See

Marso Romania

Marso opened its first foreign distribution and logistical center in Tg. Mureş (Marosvásárhely), Romania called MarsoROM in 2002. In the following years Marso started to build service outlets with a similar market strategy like in Hungary. In order to further strengthen its position, Marso started to build a nationwide distribution network. Today Marsorom has 10 service outlets in Romania.

Marso Serbia

In 2013 Marso expanded it’s trade activities in Belgrade, Serbia, and estabilished Marso Gume. Together with Romania and Hungary, Marso sold more than 1 million tyres in 2015 reaching a new record.