Loyality based on customer service

Marsopont is one of the largest franchise of tyre stores, it can be found in almost every major city in Hungary. It comprises of over 25 outlets in Hungary and 10 in Romania. At the end of 2015 our personnel consisted of over 300 employees and more than 1.000 partners. Every Marsopont is equipped with modern machinery and offers tyre, fleet and quick services and a favorable loyality program for its customers.

Product portfolio

The portfolio includes passenger car, light truck, off-road, truck, agricultural and industrial tyres and wheels, rims, car batteries, shock absorbers, exhaust pipes, oils and other car parts in every major brands. Our service selection includes tyre storage, oil change, air conditioner service, brake adjustment and adjustment of steering angles. Marsopont partners also enjoy the best pricing conditions, longer payment options and extra pre-seasonal storage discounts.

IT support

Today we can only stay competitive, if our business workflow is backed up with great IT support. We provide an efficient ERP system packed with all the tools a multi-national franchise network needs for successfull operation and decision making. Thies field requires continuous development, which is guaranteed by our own professional IT staff.

Brand Design

Uniform design

Uniformity is key, weather it is about quality of service, product portfolio or design elements. First impression counts since the customer instantly forms an opinion. That is why we try to create a clear recognition signal through the design of our shops for all Marsopont partners. And the best part: we do this free of charge.

Training and supervision

One of the most important part of the Marsopont franchise is regular education and training. Education of product portfolio, sales and services plays key role in providing high level of standards for our customers. Our eLearning system is fully capable of passing on the know-how to our franchise partners, allowing the highest level of operation. Supervision is an important part of our educational system, which regularly measures the level of theoretical and practical knowledge of our employees.


Marketing tools

Marso spends more than 100m HUF/year to introduce Marsopont to the widest audience possible in Hungary, Romaina and Serbia. According to 2014 market research about passenger car tyre distribution, Marsopont is recognized by every 3rd. person in Hungary. We continously use every online and offline marketting tool exists today, in all distribution channels to grow Marsopont, together with our customers.

Join the club

Marso Club is the first kilometer based loyality program in Europe. Offered in every Marsopont outlets and online, the number of club members show steady rising. We believe that the key for success lies in the number of loyal, satisfied customers in every Marsopont.