Dealer networks

Dealer networks

MARSO keeps regular business relationship with 1000+ partners in every size. More than 200 of our partners are contractual members of at least one of a MARSO dealer network. Key strategical advantage of MARSO is having a warehouse in 20 major cities in Hungary, 10 in Romaina and 1 in Serbia. These regional logistical bases are equipped with own transporation vehicles and able to deliver to our partners within 24h domestically and 48h abroad on a highly competitive shipping rates.

Marsopont Franchise

Marsopont is a global tyre and car service franchise network. It comprises of 25 outlets in Hungary and 10 in Romania. Marsopont offers a wide range of services related to cars and tyres, quick service machinery and favorable loyality program for its customers. Marsopont franchise members recieve the largest available bonuses and discounts, uniform shop design, strongest online and offline marketing support, regular training and education, dedicated IT support.

Marso Partner

The Marso Partner Network consists of more than 60 members in Hungary. These have been our most loyal and largest volume dealers in the last 25 years. Above their privileged pricing conditions, they recieve exclusive tyre brands distribution rights for Nokian, America, Viking, unified shop design and marketing support. As a recognition of their dedication, MARSO also worked out financial credit solutions for helping out in new investment ventures.

Pneus Expert

Marso and Continental Hungary formed the PEX Network to exclusively deal with Continental, Semperit and Barum tyres. The network numerates more than 100 members in Hungary. Only PEX provides a unique “Full-Warranty” service.

Nokian Dealers

MARSO formed a special Nokian Dealer Network for helping the distribution of Nokian passenger, truck, agricultural and industrial tyres in Hungary. Members recieve special pricing, take part in several events and holidays.

Matador Dealers

MARSO formed the Matador Dealer Network for similar purposes. Matador passenger and truck tyres recieve special pricing. Dealers enjoy special advantages, joint marketing support, participation on exculsive events and trips.