Professional logistics center

Fast logistics requires professional management. Supply chain professionals of MARSO order the product, move it, ship it, distribute it, and drive the coordination processes with sales, manufacturing, finance, and IT.

In 16 major cities in Hungary, every MARSO service outlet is also a regional warehouse with own trasportation capabilities. Together with international couriers, MARSO offers a number of solutions that leverage the capabilities of its network to support customers who demand fast and competitive logistics. MARSO’s well-managed logistics operation is streamlined to offer better customer service and cheaper delivery costs than competitors, without wasting time and money.

MARSO provides:

  • 24h shipping in Hungary, Romaina, Slovakia
  • 48h shipping in Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Germany

Fast Shipping

Next-day shipping is available for passenger, light truck, 4×4 and SUV tyres. Pick-up time before 12:00. Up to 40kg or 2 tyres per parcel allowed.