Great selection

Great product selection

MARSO’s total storage capacity is over 10.000 m2 in Hungary, with 25 regional logistics bases. The central warehouse is located in Nyíregyháza. The 8.500 m2 building, equipped with 5 truck loading docks and semi-automated warehouse managment system. Marso is the exclusive dealer of KRKZ wheels manufactured by the Kremenchug Wheel Plant in Ukraine. In Romania there are 10 regional logistics bases with over 4.500 m2 storage capacity. Such a massive selection of products ensures that the large volume of tyres and wheels are on their way as fast as possible.

Passenger tyres

Our stock consists of passenger car, light-truck, off-road and SUV summer, winter and four-season tyres in the fullest spectrum of brands from premium to budget category. We also distribute steel and alloy wheels.

Truck tyres

Large product range of long distance, regional, urban, on-off truck and bus tyres for safe transport. The portfolio covers the total selection of sizes in every major brands on the market.

Truck ReTreading

We produce BANDAG -brand of Bridgestone. The aproximate capacity of the MARSO retreading factory is around 10.000 pieces per year.

Agricultural tyres

Full range of agricultural implement tyres, multipurpose MPT, flotation and farm implement and trailer tyres, forestry tyres for tractors, combines, harvesters, sprayres, balers and loaders.

Industrial tyres

Industrial and OTR tyres, forklift and mining tyres, earthmoving, excavator and grader tyres, furthermore MARSO product range also covers dozers, loaders and skidsteer tyres.


For agriculture purposes: MARSO supplies stable and adjustable wheels for tractor and combine applications, dual wheel systems and row crop vehicles. The Ukranian KRKZ wheels from Kremenchug are durable, reliable and able to tolerate high loads.