Affordable price

Affordable price

The primary goal in MARSO’s strategic thinking, is tyre and wheels wholesale. We pursue long term relationships with satisfied partners. We synchronize our retail and wholesale prices and promotions, while keeping a close eye on our partner’s interests.

Setting the right price

Pricing decisions made hastily without sufficient research, analysis, and strategic evaluation can lead to losing revenue. Prices set too low may mean the company is missing out on additional profits, while setting them too high can also impact revenue as it prevents interested customers from purchasing the product. While setting the right price level, MARSO always considers the best interest of it’s business partners in order to successfully deal with our competitors.

Pricing for product life cycles

At different stages of tyres’ life cycle changes our pricing strategy to best suite your business needs. Newly launched tyres on competitive price encourage trial of our products, as well as repurchase on a regular basis. Runout sizes or patterns on lower price level used to generate enough revenue to cover costs, while giving great value on return.

Seasonal pricing

Our partners recieve very favorable pre-seasonal sale prices called storage discounts, if they are willing to order and warehouse before the spring and winter season. This way we can prepeare for the season while providing the best prices for our customers to maximize their profits.

Volume pricing

We are aware that the tyre market is very price sensitive and similar products are available making it easy for customers to switch. That is why we developped a favorable marketing strategy, giving our partners the best options and conditions possible, based on volume and sortiment of our diffrent brands.